John Deere – Fairway Mowers

Precision Cut

The new A-Series gives you what other fairway mowers can’t: a consistent, premium cut that’s really easy to control.

Perfect every time
As every golfer knows, ability is nothing without consistency. With the new A-model fairway mowers, all operators can achieve a championship finish not once, but every time.

You’ve got the control
The incredible new TechControl Display takes operator consistency to a whole new level. You can set the exact speeds for mowing, turns and transport and even lock in fuel savings. You can also plug in service reminders and get diagnostic feedback quickly and accurately.

You’ve got the power
Steep slopes and tricky contours are no match for the new A-models. Highlights include internal wet disc brakes on all models, an upgraded traction drive, an easy hop on/off operator station and a powerful new four-cylinder diesel engine for the 8700A. And most important of all, even better after-cut appearance every time you mow.


E-Cut Hybrid

Fewer hydraulic lines: Better at holding the line
John Deere E-Cut Hybrid technology is an industry-leading technology that’s now also available on fairway mowers. It gives you all the confidence of electric reel drive technology and reduces noise levels and fuel bills, too. Since individual reel controllers maintain a consistent reel speed, cut quality stays consistent. Try one on your fairway and we’re confident you’ll agree: the time to go hybrid is now!

John Deere E-Cut Hybrid fairway mowers give you all the benefits of a PrecisionCut model, plus much more besides. With no hydraulic lines to the cutting units, there is practically no risk of leakage. Cut quality never varies, thanks to individual electric reel controllers that keep reel speeds rock-steady. And because throttle settings stay lower, fuel efficiency stays higher.

With an 80″ (203 cm) cutting width and just three tyres to make tracks, the 8000A E-Cut Hybrid leaves fairways looking almost as good as a green. The new Final T4 engine is cleaner, yet more powerful – and a perfect match for the eHydro transmission we fit as standard.

7500A E-Cut Hybrid


8000A E-Cut Hybrid


PrecisionCut / E-Cut Hybrid features

Increased performance
The engines provide clean burning power for the most challenging courses. The 8700A even features a new four-cylinder diesel engine for that extra power requirement.

Precise steering
Double-acting steering cylinder equalises right and left pressure, just like a greens mower, so it’s incredibly easy to hold a straight line.

New hydraulic internal wet disc brakes
The hydraulic internal wet disc brakes on our new A models have no brake linkages and need no adjustments, reducing the routine maintenance of the technician.


PrecisionCut-E-Cut-Hybrid features-1

Password-protected TechControl display enables quick setting or changing of mowing speeds, turning speeds and transport speeds which limit variation in performance by different operators. Use the TechControl to slow the machine during turns while mowing and to protect against turf scuffing. Plus, the TechControl has onboard visual diagnostics, enabling quick and easy machine diagnostics, maximising uptime.

New eHydro system

PrecisionCut-E-Cut-Hybrid features-2

The new eHydro system increases operator comfort with an easy to use pedal system. The light and responsive control reduces fatigue and together with cruise control and turn speed management, creates an intelligent operating machine.

E-Cut Hybrid technology*

By eliminating the need for hydraulics running to the cutting units, these mowers eliminate all potential leak points in the reel circuit. And since individual electric reel controllers maintain a consistent reel speed, cut quality is always ideal. Engine can be throttled down to save fuel and reduce noise, without affecting the reel speed. A 48 volt, 180 amp alternator powers reel drive motors, requiring no additional batteries on the unit and electric reel motors require no routine maintenance. Plus, the TechControl has onboard visual diagnostics allowing quick and easy machine diagnostics, maximising uptime.

Flawless after-cut appearance

Adjustable hydraulic down pressure and rear attaching point of cutting units reduces the possibility of waves in the turf. Front and rear tyre alignment delivers an even appearance across the mowing pass.

Quick, easy and precise

PrecisionCut-E-Cut-Hybrid features-3

Adjusting the reels on John Deere greens, trim and fairway mowers is quick and easy, thanks to Speed Link. This ingenious system lets you adjust the cutting height to both sides of the cutting unit at once

New Load Match feature

PrecisionCut-E-Cut-Hybrid features-4

Load Match automatically adjusts the speed of the machine to keep power to the cutting units during heavy load conditions, maximising productivity and maintaining cut quality.

Heavy Duty Fairway Mower


For exceptional productivity, a clean cut and high durability, the 1905 heavy duty fairway mower is the perfect package. The cutting units can be easily lifted at once with the Quick lift switch situated on the CommandARM. This is within reach to facilitate manoeuvres at the end of the mowing path or to travel easily to the next mowing area.

All-in-one command


The ergonomically designed, adjustable Command ARM armrest with integrated controls is standard on the 1905 mower. Independent left and right cutting unit lifting is very useful to mow around obstacles.

Available with 8 in (20.32 cm) diameter ESP reels


The heavy duty ESP reels are great for cutting runners and thatch. They are also built to last, delivering performance day after day.

Traction and mowing performance


Productivity starts with the powerful 49 HP (35.3 kW) engine with direct injection for operation in any application. Four-wheel drive, differential lock and weight transfer ensure speed is maintained in difficult conditions.

Premium Comfort Cab


This spacious cab helps you stay fresh and focussed by keeping weather, vibration and noise out. The air-suspended seat between the front and rear-axles gives you a perfect view of the cutting area and mowing units. Even on a 5 Gang 1905 heavy duty fairway mower, you can see the two cutting units on the sides without bending backwards. Optional air conditioning is also available.


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