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Have you ever wanted a walk-behind aerator that can perform flawlessly whether a green is undulated or flat? That’s exactly the right width to be productive but still follows contours? That’s not difficult to turn or operate? And that can verticut as well as aerate – as well as instantly change hole spacing on the move? There’s never been a walk-behind aerator that could accomplish all of this. Until now. Meet our new PrecisionCore A40 and V40. These two articulating aerators are the perfect combination of consistent coring, tight turns and ease of use.



PrecisionCore Walk-Behind Aerator Features


Aerating and verticutting at the same time
This industry exclusive gives the PrecisionCore more versatility than any other walk-behind aerator in the industry. Standard on the V40, this verticutter operates to a maximum depth of 1 ¾ inches. It features a precise depth adjustment, convenient handles and a lock-up bracket for transporting.



Why every core remains consistent – on any green
The innovative articulating frame on the PrecisionCore ensures that it will core at a consistent depth on even the most undulating greens. The wide, 40 inch coring width is the perfect balance between contour following and productivity. A larger width means a shallower depth for the outer tines, especially on undulating greens.



Tight turns for saving time over 18 holes
The PrecisionCore has the tightest turning radius of any aerator today. The A40 and V40 use special hydraulic valves in the front wheel hydraulics to enable a tighter turning radius without the ‘scuffing’ you see on wider units.



Shifting on the move
The PrecisionCore allows for nine different hole spacing options that can be shifted on the move. Got a wet or compacted area on your green that needs tighter spacing? No problem. The PrecisionCore lets you fine-tune spacing on every part of every green on your course.




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