John Deere – Mounted Aerators

Simply superior:
John Deere Aercore 1000, 1500 and 2000 Nothing beats a John Deere Mounted Aerator 1000, 1500 or 2000 for consistent hole quality and productivity. And with their V-belt drive design and sealed bearings, they’re engineered for years of quiet, fuss-free service – even in difficult conditions.

The unique Flexi-link coring system is a John Deere exclusive that keeps tines perpendicular to the ground for longer. The result is a better quality hole, time after time after time and at coring depths of up to 100 mm.

How many holes do you need?
The Aercore Aerator 1000 can aerate up to 4645 square metres per hour (coring width 101.6 cm). The 1500 manages 6967 square metres per hour (coring width 152.4 cm) and the 2000 aerates up to 9290 square metres per hour (coring width 190.6 cm). Minimum horespower requirements at PTO tractor are 15, 22 and 33 HP respectively. All three aerators require a Category 1 three-point hitch and proper ballast.

Mounted Aerators 1000

Mounted Aerators 1000

Mounted Aerators 1500


Mounted Aerators 2000


TC125 Collection System

Makes cleaning up cores simple. A 25 cubic foot and 48 inch collection swath can clear the average green in 15 minutes. The adjustable roller height allows for varying turf and prevents aggressive brush wear.


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