John Deere – Riding Greens Mowers

Precision Cut / E-Cut Hybrid

Rugged tubular steel frames, low-profile tyres, wide footprint … no wonder our riding greens mowers have the lowest ground pressure in the industry. The offset cutting units make it easy to minimise ‘triplex’ rings by alternating the direction of your clean-up cut. And with great operator stations and superb service access, these machines are easy on operators and technicians, too.

Three perfect cuts: grass, fuel and noise

With no hydraulic lines to the reels, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid virtually eliminates the risk of hydraulic leaks. Since the machine runs at a lower throttle than a non-hybrid, it also cuts fuel bills and noise levels – without compromising on cut quality. The alternator keeps the reels at a rock-steady 2200 rpm and unlike a battery, its output never falters or fails. That means you get the same superb quality of cut all day long.

Reduce double rolling


The tyres are located well inside the cutting units to reduce or eliminate double rolling during straight-line passes.

Riding Greens Mowers


The choice is yours


Our 2500 Series mowers come in two versions: the 2500B Precision Cut and the 2500E with industry-leading E-Cut Hybrid technology. Both share many of the same great features. The 2500E gives you the added benefit of alternator-powered reels too. For rock-steady reel speeds and quieter, more fuel efficient operation – and almost no risk of hydraulic leaks.

Superb contour following


The exclusive ball joint suspension system provides exceptional contour following, steering with up to 18 degrees of side-toside motion and adjustable fore and aft motion.

Rear roller power brush


Prevents accumulation of grass clippings and other debris on the rear roller, maintaining a consistently effective cutting height.

Grass catcher


Depending on your course, use either a catcher that mounts directly or one that transfers weight away from the cutting unit.

Tender loving care for your greens


Our durable, gear-driven Greens Tender Conditioner slices stolons and controls grain for a truer playing surface and improved cutting height consistency. Our counter-weighted verticutter de-thatches, slices rhizomes and stolons and promotes more vigorous turf density.



Available 2 in (50 mm) and 3 in (76 mm) smooth, machine grooved with solid end caps or machine spiral rollers.

Exclusive offset design


The offset cutting units greatly reduce triplex ring with a simple change in direction.


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