John Deere- Walk-Behind Greens Mowers

In the end, the true performance of your equipment is measured in the quality of your greens, plain and simple.
Everybody from the crew to the player will take notice – and they’ll all have their opinion. Which is why we make sure our walk-behind greens mowers come through with a gentle, precise cut everyone can appreciate. And with a level of efficiency you will see on the bottom line. With our walk-behind greens mowers, from the 220 E-Cut and new 180 E-Cut, to our SL Precision Cut line, you get a machine that will make your job easier – and your greens more impressive.

180 / 220 / 260SL
180E / 220E

Speed Link

Reel adjustments are fast and simple, thanks to Speed Link. See page 12 for details.

DT rotary turf brush

Assures more consistent turf engagement and enables the brush to stand up more grass.

Simple operator control

Controls move forward to allow for easy and efficient operation and an integrated operator presence bail allows the machine to automatically stop and disengage the reel when the bail is released. Loop-style handlebar enhances operator comfort.

14-blade reel

Lowers the frequency of clip by reducing the distance travelled between consecutive cuts of the reel blades.

SL Precision Cut

A step in the right direction. Make that three steps.
All three SL PrecisionCut walk behind greens mowers feature a dual chain drive and forward mounted pivot point to minimise operator influence on front roller pressure for the most consistent cut possible – plus Speed Link, the fast and easy system for setting the cutting height (see page 12 for details).

Adjustments are easier all round. The built in.bracket makes it easier to fit and adjust greens tender conditioners and rotary brushes. And to switch rollers to react to any kind of greens conditions quickly, you simply undo two bolts.

Greens Tender Conditioner (GTC) and rotary turf brush options

These optional parts deliver the ultimate in cut quality and are easy to fit and adjust. They rotate counter to the reel and stand grass up prior to cutting. The result? A visible improvement in runner control, striping and grain.

Superior grass collection

The SL models offer a large, direct-mounted grass catcher which is designed for optimal air flow to keep the grass in the catcher.

Out front push brushes

This push brush delivers maximum ground following and a stronger stripe. It has more bristles than competitive products, so it’s even better at standing grass up prior to cutting. You can set the brush angle easily to adjust its aggressiveness.

The 22B utility trailer

For easy transporting of walk behind greens mowers, this trailer features a multi-angle ramp making loading and unloading simple when combined with a bedliner and transport bars to protect the machines.

E-Cut Hybrids

Get closer with the best mowers for undulating greens ever. Now available in both 18 inch and 22 inch cutting widths for the 180 and 220 E-Cut respectively, these walk-behinds give you an unparalleled ability to follow contours and undulations as well as steer around the clean-up pass, together with the benefit of electric motor drive reels.

Signature ball joint

Thanks to the signature ball joint mounting system, the cutting unit can rotate in any direction – fore/aft, laterally side to side and six degrees of steering right and left. The electric reel drive eliminates the need for hard linkages to the reel drive system in order to power the reels, allowing maximum movement. Together, the ball-joint design and electric reel drive system enable best in class contour following

Consistent frequency of clip

Electric reel drive means you always work at an ideal 2200 rpm, even on gradients or when the engine load changes. And when you need to backlap, just press a button to reverse the reel direction – no need to remove a reel or fit a separate motor.

Adjustable contouring

The limit chains on the 180 E-Cut can be adjusted for a range of motion that can match the contours of any green.

Adjustable frequency of clip with lockout

Frequency of clip can be adjusted with a simple dial, then mechanically locked to prevent further changes.




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