Lighting Tower In Defence


1. Loading & unloading of of missiles during dark hours.
2. Night servicing of Transport Aircraft & Helicopters.
3. Night Re-fueling
4. Inside the hangers for Aircraft Maintenance activities (real time me operations).
5. Night servicing of mechanical transport in emergency conditions.
6. Loading / unloading (Cargo) areas.
7. Extensive use in forward areas where transportable radar unit & missiles unit are deployed.
8. Rectifications / Engineering activities on Tarmac / Taxiway / Apron.
9. Mobile observation Forces can also use it during deployment.
10. Guarding of helicopter if landed at unknown territory.
11. Illumination for advance landing ground / helipad.
12. FOD check during hrs of darkness.
12. Accessory of TFF (CFT / DFT)
13. Illumination at a crash site (Flight Safety).


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