Lighting Tower In Fire

Fire & Emergency Service

Whenever there is a fire we first switch off the electrical supply. This leads to complete darkness in surrounding areas. The fire tenders are away from the scene of fire due to congested lanes. The Crew needs quick illumination on the path / area and after dowsing fire for relief operation. Today State Fire Services play a very important role during disasters or emergencies. Every single second is important for saving human lives. They are able to work during day time but during darkness they are forced to abandon the work and wait for the day break.

Whenever the fire crew need illumination they genset, loose wires, flood lights. These three factors take a lot of time to be assembled. After assembling, the illumination is in one direction, focused with minimum area covered. The arrangement’s movement is restricted. During flood or other disasters it is impossible to move this arrangement.

Portable Inflatable Lighting System consists of an inbuilt genset, blowers and lamp. The fireman has to switch on the genset first, then blowers which inflates the cloth to a height of 4.5 meter from ground level. Since the lamp is mounted at the top of the inflatable tower, it provides a glare free illumination in the surrounding areas. The fire man switches on the 400W MH lamp which illuminates an area around 10,000 sq meters within 3 minutes. It provides 360 degree glare free illumination. The fire fighters can easily carry the system as per the requirement.


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