Lighting Tower In Railway

Past Scenario for illumination

Whenever illumination is required for repair / maintenance work we use genset, loose wires , flood lights. Generally we wait for the day break to resume the work or we are forced to assemble the above three which consumes a lot of time. After assembling the same it is difficult to identity the correct location of placing the flood lights. This kind of temporary arrangement gives non glare free illumination in one direction with minimum area coverage. This arrangement cannot be moved due to loose wires. Loose wires may also cause an accident.

Present Scenario for illumination

Portable Inflatable Lighting System consist of an inbuilt genset, blowers, lamp. The user has to switch on the generator first, then blower which inflates the cloth to height of 4.5 meters from ground level. Since the lamp is mounted at the top of the inflatable tower, it provides a glare free illumination in the surrounding areas. The use switches on the 400 W MH lamp which illuminates an area around 10,000 sq. meters within 3 minutes.

It gives 360 glare free illumination. The work can be carried out very easily and the movement of the lighting system is not restricted. This saves lot of time.


1. Regular track maintenance during night
2. Night block working
3. Repair / maintenance of tunnels & bridges
4. BD cranes
5. Line maintenance units

1. General Repairing work in remote areas
2. OHE maintenance
3. Cleaning of carbon – in HT line
4. SSP maintenance
5. Stations at the time time of calamity Disaster

1. Major repair of Signal
2. Signalling cable during night

1. Loading & unloading of goods in yards
2. Any derailment of train – For ART & ARMV / SPART
3. Diesel shed / electric loco shed at time of any fire


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